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Equestrian Association of Uttar Pradesh

House 242, Vasundhra, Sector 16, Ghaziabad 251002, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tel: +91 (0)98 7113 71384

Fax: +91 (0)13 1262 3840

Mobile: +91 (0)98 7126 8060 / +91 (0)99 5837 7107

The Equestrain Association of Uttar Pradesh is the state governing body for equestrian sports development. It registers horses and riders, provides grading and organizes equestrian competitions. It runs an academy for equestrian training, veterinary services, trainer and coach registration and certification and selects the U.P. State Team for Nationals. Its website displays a huge database of equestrian activities and manufacturers and exporters in horse related goods and services.