Gujrat Race Club

Race Club Road, Jaurah Railway Station, Jaurah, Lalamusa, Pakistan

Tel: +92 (0)300 87 22 869

Other Details:

The District of Gujrat in Pakistan is famous for its Naza Bazi 'Tent Pegging'. Recognised by the FEI, the global governing body for Olympic and equestrianism. Gujrat Race Club has been working with a number of tent pegging clubs to encourage them to train riders for Flat Thoroughbred Racing. The club is small by standards of Lahore and Karachi and holds races on open ground. A complex housing Offices, Stables and Riding School has recently been built, construction is underway for a racetrack. The new facilities have developed excellent Work Riders, Jockeys and Grooms for the Thoroughbred Horse Breeding and Racing Industries of the UK.